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Liability Disclaimer 

We are offering courses, webinars and private tuition on Chen-Style Taijiquan, Qigong and related exercises. These all come from the martial art and movement art of Tajiquan. The exercises are meant to improve health as well as physical and mental abilities. We can, however, in no way assure all participants that these effects will definetely occur. We make no representations, guarantees or warranties that the information or exercises in our courses are appropriate for you. We can also not guarantee that the exercises will result in improvement of your medical conditions or functions. Our offerings are for educational and training purposes only and are by no means intended to provide medical diagnosis or a substitute for medical advice.

The information in our courses is by no means complete or exhaustive. Thus it does not apply to all disorders, conditions and health-related issues. Our classes do not provide physical therapy or medical advice. You should not rely on the information we provide as a substitute or replacement for professional medial advice, diagnosis and treatment. Please consult a physcian or other health-care professional if you have any concerns or questions about your health. If per chance we mention any particular diagnosis dysfunction this is done for general informational purposes only. Before you start the exercises we show and instruct, we advice you to consult your physician or your physical therapist to obtain a medical clearance if you have any medical conditions, diseases, injuries, disabilities or if you are unsure about your state of health. 

Visitors of our website can rely on any information we provide solely at their own risk.

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