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Chen Taijiquan Video-Class - Free Trial

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Registration ends at 26 January 2032 4:00 pm


Free Chen Taijiquan Video Class

O my god, it's free...?!

This is a recorded video class - a 'freebie' Chen-Style Taijiquan introductory lesson taught by Nabil Ranné. It covers the first three moves of the first road:

1. 預備式 - Preparation

2. 起式 - Commencing move

3. 金刚捣碓 - Buddha’s warrior pounds mortar

What's being taught?

These movements from Chen Taijiquan in the tradition of Chen Fake, Chen Zhaokui and Chen Yu are being taught at a level 1 or 2 training stage. That means the positions will be explained and how to train correctly (this is what I consider level 1). Sometimes I will talk about the 'forces' being used and the intentions (I call this level 2), but not in too much detail as first the overall structural design of the postures should be right before we can progress further. 

How does this work?

You can book this course (just click on the BOOK THIS EVENT button) and register for free. Why? Because I think afterwards you will know if you would like to continue to study with me and so we both don't waste any time :-) You will get the video recording (app. 20 min.) some training tips and a pdf if you register. By booking this class you will also be subscribed to our newsletter but of course you can unsubscribe any time. After booking the course you can register an account, login with your account details and then come back to this class. You will find the recorded video here plus additional information!


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